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Disputes in Family Law are very difficult and trying experiences for all parties involved. We understand the sensitive and difficult nature of the issues. We will act on your instructions to achieve the best possible outcome for you with the least possible amount of stress.


  • Custody/Access/Maintenance/Guardianship Applications
  • Domestic Violence Law including Safety/Protection/Barring Order Applications.
  • We are on the panel of Solicitors for LEGALLY AIDED Clients.



How to give effect legal effect to your separation from your estranged spouse will vary dependent on your circumstances and how long you have been separated. However, the main issues that must be dealt with will not vary. Those issues are access and custody of minor and dependent children, division of assets, providing for division of pensions and Succession Rights.



If you are separated from your Spouse for less than four years you cannot apply for Divorce. You must first legally separate either by Separation Agreement or Judicial Separation. If there is very little in dispute between you and your estranged spouse and your split has been relatively amicable then those issues may be capable of being ironed out through mediation. If this is possible and the issues are resolved then entering into a legally binding SEPARATION AGREEMENT is how to best proceed as it is the quickest and certainly the cheapest manner by which to give legal effect to your separation..

If there are issues that you and your estranged spouse cannot resolve then you will have to make a Court Application to give legal effect you your Separation and the Court will decide on the issues in dispute between you. This is what is known as JUDICIAL SEPARATION.


If you and your estranged Spouse have been living separately for four out of the previous five years then you may apply to the Court for a Decree of Divorce. We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome as expeditiously as possible. Please click here for more information on Uncontested Divorce.



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